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Dynacons Systems & Solutions Ltd. is an IT company with global perspectives with its headquarters at Mumbai and branches all over India.Established in 1995, Dynacons undertakes all activities related to IT infrastructure including infrastructure design and consulting services, turnkey systems integration of large Network and Data Centre infrastructures including supply of associated equipment and software, onsite and remote facilities management of multi location infrastructure of domestic clients. The Company has built a strong customer base, variety of talent and a competent service delivery infrastructure.

Brightstar India

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Brightstar India is a leading provider of premium enterprise, networking, and lifestyle solutions, in the information, communication, and technology domains for customers across all industry verticals. Brightstar holds a commendable market share in telecom and allied products. We also have our own line of products, including landlines and IoT solutions, under our iconic brand, Beetel. Brightstar's vast geographical reach makes it possible to deliver world-class technology and solutions to boardrooms across the country. This makes them a preferable go-to partner for all original equipment manufacturers (OEM).  


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Shemaroo Entertainment Limited is a leading Indian content power house with a global reach, which has been playing a pioneering role in the arena of content ownership, aggregation and distribution.
With the brand in existence for over 5 decades, Shemaroo continues to redefine itself to respond to the disrupting consumer environment. We deliver premium content experiences in more than 30 countries, across age groups and several Indian languages in genres such as movies, comedy, devotional, music, regional and kids.
Today, Shemaroo has evolved to be a significant player in the digital ecosystem. The entry into the Limca Book of Records with #FilmiGaaneAntakshari on Twitter is a proof of Shemaroo staying true to its ‘digital first’ vision.

BGIoT Technologies


BGI, based in UAE, is a niche professional services company engaged in providing solutions in an integrated/turnkey manner or as modules to the customers. The company emanates from the wide array of experience we have in driving digital journeys for our customers across the globe.

BGI addresses some of the key pain points across various industries in a scalable and reliable way yet being able to package the entire solution in a commercially viable manner making it a win-win situation for all involved


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Unique Solutions in the market for over 2 decades and well-established System Integrator that addresses the Mission-Critical Infrastructure requirements across industry verticals. They are a Platinum Business Partner with HPE and are Tier-1 partners for a number of OEMs in the market like Microsoft Azure, Palo Alto, Cisco, Avaya, Vertiv, Sophos, Fortinet etc. Unique Solutions provide Mission-Critical IT Infrastructure & Hybrid Cloud Solutions for your Computing, Storage, Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI), Backup, Composable Architecture, Network & Security, Unified Communications and SAP HANA initiatives. Unique solutions believe in providing objective oriented solutions to simplify your IT operations to facilitate efficient delivery of your product with high scalability & security.


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Technology Infrastructure platform which uses Enterprise Crowdsourcing to ensure you have the skilled resources where you need them at the right price.
Helping drive the vision of a Digital India, one project at a time!


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Believing in the concept of working as a unifying force for building better businesses, we selectively apply technological innovations to satisfy premium business needs.
Konverge has been involved in the World of Work. We were incorporated in April’2013, with Head Office in Gurgaon and have since then established a strong foothold in cities like Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, as well as International operations in Singapore ,Australia (NSW) & registered office in USA (Delaware).


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A Young & Digital company reinvigorating growth through strategic repositioning in Core Infrastructure, Green Energy, Integrated Utilities & emerging sectors like e-education, e Healthcare, Digital Technology
Core Competencies includes Knowledge services, Multiple sectors best practices expertise, Ground zero execution experience, Thought leadership in Industries Re-engineering, Compliance management and Business model consulting
Outcome Based Delivery Approach enables projects deliveries as per stakeholders expectations


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Deep heat melts down fat, discharges body wastes by increasing lymph and blood circulation, stimulates and produces collagen and elastin, and increases expansibility of fibrillary collagen tissues.
When electrical energy is applied, molecules consisting tissues vibrate and cause friction whenever the direction of the electric current alters. In the meantime, bio-heat is generated by movements of rotation, collision, and twist.
Such a high-frequency energy converted into bio-energy increases temperature of the tissues, enhances cell functions, and increases blood flow rate. When the local temperature of tissues increases over 40 degrees, arteries and capillaries are expanded by direct effects, defense mechanism is improved due to increases blood flow rates, and ultimately blood circulation and metabolism are enhanced. Increased blood flow rates in capillaries by the generation of deep heat are 4~5 times higher during a resting phase.


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Incorporated in Oct 2015
One stop solution to all nutrients requirement of grower through wide product range of Specialty Fertilizers and Biostimulants and many more exclusive ranges
Strong Leadership team with cross functional experience
Currently operating in Maharashtra and UP, expanding in entire country and Globally by 2020


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APEX TEAM brings a remarkable combination of talent, experience and desire that shows in the company’s unrivalled success. We have under our wing, teams of Tally experts, Consultants, and Project Managers spread across various specialisation areas. Every team member at Apex has personnel goals in sync with vision of the Company.